Mat and Color Samples

Sample-size mats and color swatches are available to Logo Mats sales representatives and distributors. The different types of samples are detailed below. To order samples, please contact our orders department at [email protected]. When ordering, please make sure you specify the type of sample you would like. The different types of samples are detailed below.

Sample Kit

Logo Mini Mat

A Logo mini mat is a miniature logo mat with four finished sides. These vary in size based on the type of mat, but they are generally between 8" x 11" or 10" x 12". Logo mini mats allow you to see the texture, thickness/plushness and the print quality (or inlay quality) of a logo mat. 

Because they are small and easy to transport, logo mini mats are often preferred by sales staff to full size mats. Please note that logo mini mats are not available for all logo mats and are not available with customized logos. Available logo mini mats are stocked and typically ship within 2 business days.

Demo Mats

Demo mats are full size mats (logo mats and color blankets) available for select sampling and demonstration purposes. To request a demo mat, please contact our orders department at [email protected]. Please note that demo mats are not stocked. They are produced when ordered and typically ship within 4-5 business days.  Fees vary based on the product selected.

  • Logo Mats - Available in a 2' x 3' size with a generic logo that may be ordered for $40 (P).
  • Color Blanket Mats – Available in a 2’ x 3’ size that may be ordered for $40 (P).