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Mountville Andersen Merger...Why?

Tue, Jul 30th 2019 05:45 pm

In July 2018, Mountville Mills and The Andersen Company officially joined forces as M+A Matting.

More than a year later, the question we're most often asked is "Why?"  Why merge and change the name of two companies who had outstanding name recognition with their respective customer segments - Mountville with commercial laundries and Andersen with Jan/San and Industrial supply distributors?

Well…we’ve actually been one company for almost 20 years:
Mountville Mills, Inc. acquired The Andersen Company in 1999.  Shortly after the acquisition, Mountville remained focused on supplying the Textile Rental market, while The Andersen Company continued its development of the Janitorial and Industrial market segments.  This focus allowed both divisions to go on and become the market leader in their respective industries.   In 2018, it became clear that merging the two leaders would create some unique opportunities.   

  1. To combine our manufacturing resources and better utilize our available capacity:  We still operate our three mat manufacturing plants, two in LaGrange, Georgia (Mountville Mills) and one in Dalton, Georgia (Andersen Co.).  By combining the two divisions, all plants were merged under one management structure, and are now operating in tandem rather than independently.  This has resulted in better utilization of our available capacity and allows us to easily transfer product manufacturing to any of our three mat manufacturing facilities that have available capacity.  As a result, orders are shipping faster and more consistently than ever before.  
  2. To streamline our product offering and better serve all customer segments:  We feature the broadest range of matting products in the market.  But before the integration of Mountville and Andersen, our full line of products was not available to all our customers.  This was a result of having two divisions focused on supplying individual distribution channels.  Today, our full range of products are now available to all our distributor partners.     
  3. To educate the market on the role that matting plays in floor care and safety:  We are committed to bringing more awareness to the market on the benefits matting provides.  By combining the messaging of both divisions into one, we are able to put more resources behind our marketing efforts.  We added more depth and experience to our marketing and business development teams to develop meaningful content that helps educate everyone on the important role mats play in keeping their building safer, cleaner, and more comfortable.