All industries can benefit from logoed floor mats; however, there are a few that use floor mats more than others. Here, we take a look at three of the most common industries we’ve found that buy custom logo floor mats.

Educational facilities are a great target for floor mats, since they promote school pride and keep premises clean.

Educational facilities are an excellent customer for floor mats. Schools love to use their logo to promote and reinforce school pride. They normally have a very high level of foot traffic, which means there are a lot of elements that can be tracked in. Floor mats can help combat this problem. Other than the obvious large mat at the front door, many schools enjoy doing a custom-shaped mat in the shape of their logo for school locker rooms or in an atrium.

Healthcare and assisted-living facilities use logoed floor mats to spread awareness, increase their image, and keep a clean and safe working environment.

Healthcare and assisted-living facilities are also great opportunities for floor mats. Businesses like these brand everything they have, which helps to increase their image and spread awareness. These facilities are cleaned 24/7, so what they can keep off the floor, they don’t have to pay to clean up. These types of places normally don’t stop their branding at the front door, either. You can find mats such as anti-fatigue or walk-off runner mats in multiple varieties throughout their facility.

The retail industry uses logoed floor mats to increase brand awareness and recognition, a constant reminder for customers walking in and out of their stores.

Due to the competitive nature of the retail industry, businesses are always trying to increase their brand awareness. What better way to do that than to have a great first impression piece at the front door as customers walk in? Not only is the retailer getting their branding impressions piece, but the floor mat itself serves additional duties – it increases customer safety and helps keep the building clean.

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